Self Love: Where to Start?


Do you love yourself? Truly? It is easy to say “I love myself” but what does it actually mean to self love? How does it feel? and HOW do we begin to love ourselves? With the many benefits of self love it’s best to start right now to understand and practice the one thing that will set you free!

Self love is not a simple task especially if you are in a place where you don’t feel good about yourself and everything in your reality is adding to that feeling. Continue reading


The Benefits of Being in Love With YOU!

sun-hand-loveBeing in love with YOU is the best gift you can give yourself as well as this universe.  It is not selfish to give exclusive and special care to yourself! Through mind, body, and spirit, the love and attention we give ourselves is the basis of our well being. Only YOU know yourself and what YOU need to stay happy. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing with YOU on the top of the list. Think about it, how will we be productive in the world and be of service to others if we ourselves are empty, in pain, suffering, out of balance…etc. Giving unconditional love to the person we communicate with, nourish, entertain, develop, nurture 24 hours a day is only necessary and makes much sense! Continue reading

I Am Not a Trophy Wife

love-art-heart-mediumI am more than a shiny and polished object to marvel over. 

When I tell people that I don’t wear much makeup because I don’t want to stand out or that I like to dress down because I don’t want to bring attention to myself, looks of exasperation are sent my way as if I’m full of myself, or the opposite, I’m not full enough. “What, but you’re pretty, you don’t have to worry about anything”. Being pretty is why I have to worry. I ask myself over and over, am I being conceited or self centered because I think my looks are too appealing to men? Is it just me? Continue reading