Accepting Change and Uniqueness


Change is constant and since my last post this is exactly what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been somewhat of a hermit and I’ve become aware of A LOT, about relationships especially.

I’ve learned that as I get closer to God, people start looking at me
differently, thinking I’m “too” different in the way that I express myself. Is it because my ideals and practices are out of the norm? Isn’t that the point? Not to fit in? To be unique, to stand out and be a leader through magnetism and not to follow what everyone accepts as normal? Normal is not normal. Continue reading


The Divine Feminine, Part 2

-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-female-statue-on-railing-4000x6000_44094“Every woman is a unique expression of the divine feminine.” –Teal Swan

This blog originates from a spiritual awareness of the energies within us and this world that create balance. For ultimate well-being, our social, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves should be in balance with each other. As mentioned in The Divine Feminine Part 1, balance between the female and male should be priority. The divine feminine is the female part of the whole in which we consider life. We cannot deny how sacred and significant a woman is to society. Actually, we wouldn’t even have a society if the woman were not present. Continue reading

The Divine Feminine, Part 1

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Image Credit: @tony__stacks_newamerica Via instagram

Is God really a woman? Traditionally, when we think of God we think of a strong yet gentle and wise male figure according to almost ALL photo results when performing a google search. But what about the references to Earth as Mother Earth and Mother Nature or the fact that women carry and birth all human life? A woman’s caring and nurturing nature is very much a necessity in this world. The fact that we give life physically should suggest that maybe a woman, or feminine energy, played a significant role in our creation and existence. Continue reading

Grounding To Relieve Stress

seqouia-national-forest-Humans were created with the planet. Staying connected to the earth to stay charged will help restore and maintain balance!

We are energy bodies with electrical currents flowing through us; Same goes for the earth. The currents we receive from daily conveniences such as wifi, cellular devices, and electrical appliances, flood our system with currents not in rhythm with our bodies biological rhythms. By connecting to the earth via touching and feeling, we are receiving direct energy that will balance our charges, increasing our moods and our knowledge of self increasing our feelings of connection to all things. Continue reading