Nyaga Chikondi-An embodiment of a woman’s journey through life, embracing the unknown, cherishing the moments, while expressing creatively, seeking the truth, and healing through self love and compassion for all.                                  

The person I grew to be is not who I thought I was. As a young woman, I believed myself to be a strong, independent, woman who survived. But it wasn’t about survival, it was about how I used the lessons I learned to advance in life and in turn become more connected and conscious. Everything I thought I was is no more. Nyaga Chikondi was birthed through a transformation from a scarred woman living in disguise to a confident woman open to roam freely. Life is abundant once we tap into the wealth of the universe and become familiar with our souls, a unique gift that can be received from this blog.

I am the nurturer of two lovely beings. I live in Sacramento, CA. I have a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. But they don’t mean much more than I am a seeker of information and that I am intuitive & empathetic. I love music & dancing, learning, and expressing creatively through mind, body, and soul. Blogging opens opportunities for me to grow and give back to the universe. Once I learned to love the feminine within I was filled with compassion and gratitude, and now I’m ready to grow more and empower others.

You are not here by chance. Thank you with love for embracing the journey with me.