The Importance of Sexuality


Our sexual feelings and attraction towards others can be considered our sexuality. We have natural desires to engage with others in sexual ways. This urge and drive could be considered our sexual energy flowing through us. This energy is very important as it is our life force energy; that which gives us vitality and creativity to navigate life. When we are in touch with our sexuality and can control its desires and use it towards our well being then we have gained insight and tools on how to stay balanced.

When were not in touch with our sexuality we are not in control of our energy. We develop blockages that keep us from living freely and feeling happiness. The media, our parents, peer pressure, our religions, all contribute to a stigma towards sex and produce limiting beliefs within us. These limits of course cause blockages or overindulgences. Emotional barriers to expression of sexuality or addictions to sex are some aspects that will block our flow. It is our duty to learn how to look passed the limits to expressing our sexuality so that we can stay in tuned with our creative nature and stay balanced.

Sex is the activity that most people engage in when triggered by a strong sexual energy flow. In addition to its physical benefits of keeping our immune system and cardiovascular systems strong, it is also a spiritual practice that can bring us to higher consciousness by connecting to Source energy through orgasm. This act can help to manifest when the focus is pure. Sexual energy is the same as creative energy. Some think that being creative means you have to be good with the paint brush or have an aesthetic eye. Creative energy is used for everything. It can be used to build, bring people together, lead, or to be of service to others.

When you are not having sex, create! Or create with the act of sex! Both are beautiful contributions to exercise your sexuality!!





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