5 Ways To Connect With Your Sexuality


Sexuality is important for our well being. We should understand it to express ourselves openly, flow freely, and function successfully in our realities. There are many ways to connect with our sexuality. Here are 5.

  1. Movement. Our bodies are the vessels to creation harnessing creative and sexual energy alike. With movement we get energy flowing increasing our vibration and our life force/sex/creative energy. Dancing is my favorite. Its a multi-beneficial activity that raises energy levels and releases blockages. I prefer international music and dancing such as reggae, dancehall, afrobeat, and soca because it concentrates on the hip area. It also helps that many of the moves are replicas of sexual movements;) Winding the hips is a staple movement with these types of music. Moving the hips gets blood and energy flow to the low abdomen/pelvis and to the sacral chakra, the energy center responsible for passion, pleasure, emotions, intimacy, and connection. Yoga is also a great way to connect as there are poses such as Warrior II or Goddess pose that will open up the sacral chakra.
  2. Create. Because sexual energy is creative energy it is easy to say that when we engage in activities that use our creativity, whether it be the arts or problem solving, we are engaging our sexual energy. Start thinking outside the box, try new things, explore. These will contribute to increased energy.
  3. Self pleasure. Masturbation just like sex has stigmas and most people shy away. But in moderation it can be healing. It helps you to understand your body and release built up energy that is not being used to, hint, CREATE. This energy has to be released or it will cause blockages leading to negative manifestations within our emotional body and physical reality. We don’t necessarily have to masturbate, we can caress and massage our body. Make yourself feel good. No shame in that.
  4. Visuals. Watch a sexually charged movie, make a movie of your own ;) , look at yourself in the mirror, naked, use your sight and senses to engage your sexual energy. I have to say that I pleasured myself to myself in the mirror and it was the most invigorating feeling of pure self love :)
  5. Partner sex. This is a no brainer right. You want to produce high levels of sexual energy, have sex! Safe sex that is.

Get in touch and stay in touch to become a more balanced, freely flowing, living a fun and happy life, individual.



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