The Divine Feminine, Part 3-Ways to Stay Connected



As mentioned in The Divine Feminine, Part 1 and The Divine Feminine, Part 2, staying connected to the energy of femininity will raise our vibrations, helping us to feel love and peace, and in turn places us on a frequency to manifest and receive our desires.

Ways to Stay Connected to The Divine Feminine Within YOU!

  1. Gratitude!! It is so important to appreciate and give thanks whenever possible. Who, what, when, where, and why! Being grateful for the people we encounter, where we are in our lives, how  we’ve maintained and accomplished, and why we experience what we do. It all is the universe’s way of teaching us lessons to help us grow. Gratitude helps us appreciate, learn, love, and move on. It keeps our vibrational energy high therefore making us vibrational matches for similar feelings and experiences, i.e. The Law of Attraction. I am grateful that you are reading this! It accomplishes my goals of giving back to the Universe. See, it’s simple and it makes me happy! (Raises vibration)
  2. Love!! And not just intimately but unconditionally love everything! First and foremost the self should receive the most love in order to spread it outwards, (Benefits of Self Love). Your family, friends, strangers, enemies, animals, nature, your hobbies, your work, anything that you’re involved with should receive a bit of your love. The energy and emotion of love feels much better than anger, jealousy, hate, disgust…etc, so try to stay in the feeling of love and raise your vibration. And don’t forget, the more you give the more you receive! I love you!
  3. Routines!! To stay balanced we have to be consistent with what brings us balance. Practicing and reiterating the things that make us feel good about ourselves will bring balance. I’ve named my routine, The Goddess Routine. This makes engaging in it and sticking to it feel as if I’m accomplishing something bigger. It can be spread throughout the day but it has to be
    1. Drink water (cleanses body and keeps us hydrated)
    2. Mindful shower (using water to rinse away negativity)
    3. Exercise (releases feel good hormones and keeps us fit)
    4. Keep environment clean and clear of clutter (helps keep the mind clear)
    5. Get zoned into music (changes brain frequencies, stops thought, makes us feel better)
    6. Bath in nature (sunlight, fresh air, rain, hug a tree, receive what nature has to give)
    7. Write in a journal (getting to know self, clearing mind, affirmations)
    8. Meditation (calming of the mind)
  4. Rituals!! This is a time for you to get in tuned with your intuition and your true self. Whether it be meditation, prayer, following
    moon cycles, crystal healings, etc. Whatever works for you, when we focus our energy while receiving energy from the universe, we can connect, balance, and heal.
  5. Sensuality!! Please your senses! Do things that excite and inspire you. Go see art and nature or events that celebrate the woman. Create something, a favorite dish, a painting, music, whatever your creativity leads to. Love and treat your body e.g. spa visits, shopping for lingerie or new clothes. I go dancing because the music and venue lets me move my body in a flowing manner making me feel sensual. If you have a partner maybe a little foreplay that leads to a Sacred Energy eXchange ;0 will help to release and feel.
  6. Sexuality!! This is not the same as sensuality although they intertwine in some areas. Becoming comfortable with our sexuality is very beneficial and contributes to sensuality. It is so important to keep our sexual energy flowing! It is the basis for creativity and manifesting. It also keeps the womb (the sacred housing of souls entering into this physical world) healthy and

Staying connected to that which is within us, our souls, is as simple as following your instincts. What feels right for us is right for us. Engaging in those things regularly will maintain our balance so that we are becoming happier more productive beings.


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