Self Love: Where to Start?


Do you love yourself? Truly? It is easy to say “I love myself” but what does it actually mean to self love? How does it feel? and HOW do we begin to love ourselves? With the many benefits of self love it’s best to start right now to understand and practice the one thing that will set you free!

Self love is not a simple task especially if you are in a place where you don’t feel good about yourself and everything in your reality is adding to that feeling. We have to know that everything is temporary. Everything can be changed if that is what we want. We have to take ownership of our bodies, including the mind, and our spirit. Start from where you are. Take action towards what you want and be free from limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts. You are the owner and driver of your vehicle (mind/body/spirit). You decide where you go, how you get there, and how stylish you are along the way. There are roadblocks and stop lights and turns which are inevitable but temporary. It doesn’t change the facts of who you are and where you are going.

Celebrating life - A woman raises her arms at sunset on a desert

 To self love is to be in the present with knowledge and acceptance of self and the universe, living a lifestyle that we want which keeps us in high vibrational energy.

Self love is giving unconditional attention, affection, and admiration to yourself. BEING SELFISH! and it being OKAY! Engage in activities that you love to do. And don’t wait on someone else to join or let someone else steer you away from your interests. Protect yourself from unwanted attacks, conversations, and wrongdoings. Give yourself permission to say NO! Spoil yourself. Wine and dine YOURSELF! Make yourself feel good in whatever way you please.Whisper sweet nothings and caress your body. Stare deep into your eyes while standing in front of the mirror. Imagine yourself at your best. What will you look like and how would you feel. Do this daily. Do not compare yourself to others as it may make you feel worse. Understand that they are in a different vehicle that has experienced different routes. Everyone is unique. Including you. Cherish that uniqueness.


Self love is knowledge of self. Do you know who you are? Deep down to the core? What makes you feel most comfortable or uncomfortable? What are your desires? Likes?


Alina Baraz

Dislikes? What are your passions? What excites you? Inspires you? What are your beliefs? values? Where did they come from? Another person? An experience? What is your connection to others, to life, to God, to the universe? Ask yourself these questions, get to know who you are. Read books and articles that interest you and give insight. What resonates with you? What doesn’t? Write in a journal and analyze your life. Go back to when you were a child and ask these questions. Are they the same? Why are they different? What changed you? Find out your deepest darkest fears, your deepest twisted fantasies, examine yourself from inside out. Get to know the real you, the soul, the force that drives you. When you are genuine to yourself love is inevitable.

“To love is…to accept ourselves as we actually are” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Self love is appreciation and compassion for what is. The past cannot be changed, don’t dwell in it and regret it. Accept it and move forward to what can be changed, the now. Appreciate the experiences; they gave you insight and knowledge whether you are aware of it or not. Appreciate what brings good feelings for you right now. Find the good in everything. No matter how bad something may seem, there is always something to appreciate (our smile, our heartbeat, nature). Give yourself some slack. We are not meant to be perfect; it’s an illusion. FOCUS on and admire the positive aspects about yourself, always! Be conceited, while respecting others of course. It’s your birthright! Give yourself the same compassion you would give to another person in need. Just as you would say “it will be okay” to a child, friend, family member, say it to yourself, and know that it will.


The feeling of self love reminds me of a tree; with roots planted into the ground providing a solid foundation to grow and sway freely, living peacefully.

If we engage in self love practices daily loving ourselves will come will be effortless. It is a great feeling that leads to success in every area of life. You are PRIORITY! Give your energy back to yourself and begin to take your life to higher heights (and vibrational energy).


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