Encounters, Experiences

Experiencing energy

People, places, things

It’s overwhelming

For me, I feel it is for you

And I wonder.

A wanderer,

Strays to climb

The beauty of life

Should be embraced

Let free, be free

Can I?

To roam

To feel

And enjoy, becoming joy

Inhibitions let free

You can, you can, you can

Just do it

So that I can do it

Energy is strong, and I’m sensitive

Why do I feel you?

You are beautiful too

Show me

Show the world

Be YOUnique

Nothing is you, and yet,

We all are you

Created of love

Expressing uniqueness collectively

All the while experiencing connectedness

Through oneness

Source energy is bliss

Why I love, I love

Wandering to rise

For you to raise

Don’t you see?

Speak positively

Don’t take it personally

But take it personally

Absorb not expel

So you can raise

And rise with me

Freely, freely, freely

Don’t you want to be free?

We can be free

Expressing, loving, feeling, raising, rising

Wandering in bliss


I experience everything with a little extra sensitivity. I’ve been really observing my surroundings and the behaviors of people lately. I’m committed to raising my vibration so I can be of service to others in our encounters. My energy, as well as everyone’s, should inspire others to raise their vibration. I am no longer worried or focused on the looks, thoughts, and behaviors towards and about me. I love you and I know you have the potential to love me too. Being an inspiration through constant pursuit for knowledge and love.



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