The Benefits of Being in Love With YOU!

sun-hand-loveBeing in love with YOU is the best gift you can give yourself as well as this universe.  It is not selfish to give exclusive and special care to yourself! Through mind, body, and spirit, the love and attention we give ourselves is the basis of our well being. Only YOU know yourself and what YOU need to stay happy. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing with YOU on the top of the list. Think about it, how will we be productive in the world and be of service to others if we ourselves are empty, in pain, suffering, out of balance…etc. Giving unconditional love to the person we communicate with, nourish, entertain, develop, nurture 24 hours a day is only necessary and makes much sense!

Benefits of Self Love

Relationships improve. The relationship with self is the most delicate and significant as it also has an immediate impact on our relationships with others. If we are filled with love we are able to give love freely without expectations or attachments. There will be no neediness or attention seeking behaviors therefore our interactions with others are genuine and focused on the soul connection. In intimate relationships, self love can give us a foundation in knowing what behaviors we will accept (or not) from others. A person that is in love with self has an energy that can be felt by others. If I genuinely love myself then that energy may rub off on other people and can be a trigger of inspiration.

Mental clarity. When there is love for our life and in our hearts we are able to see our reality clearly without worry or stress. We are able to make decisions, plan and accomplish goals, and go through the day more emotionally balanced. You won’t see a person in love worried about the future or mistakes that have been made in the past. A person in love will have a trust in the essence of and will know everything is okay. Most studies prove that positive emotions have positive impacts on the mind and body and negative emotions have negative impacts. When self love is achieved negative emotions have difficulty thriving because we now have the one tool that combats almost everything. Where there is love there is a way!

Work/projects/creativity improves.  With love comes profound gratitude. These feelings are poured into everything that we do or are interested in. Going to work in love and happy will most definitely make the work easier, causing you to do better work, and maybe challenging yourself to do extra or think outside the box to create something new. Love is limitless and knocks down barriers. Creativity is improved with the new confidence and options produced by self love.

Body image changes. Loving the self means that we are comfortable with the way we are; Whether it be our voice or body shape or hair color or size of lips. When we embrace self love our body image improves; it is an acceptance of  “flaws” (flaws according to who?).We do not seek to drastically change our features to fit into standards that are superficial and have no substance of love or happiness. As a result of loving oneself we begin to treat our bodies with more care and respect such as eating healthy, exercising, and staying well groomed creating results that we feel good about.

“To love is […] to accept ourselves as we actually are” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Life just gets better! Love helps us realize our connection to all things. Love is universal. This is true because it is the energy or essence of God. That is why it feels so good to be in love. Because of our expansive connection, the love we give ourselves raises the love vibration in this universe. Once we find love within we can find love in the external and find beauty in life.



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