Accepting Change and Uniqueness


Change is constant and since my last post this is exactly what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been somewhat of a hermit and I’ve become aware of A LOT, about relationships especially.

I’ve learned that as I get closer to God, people start looking at me
differently, thinking I’m “too” different in the way that I express myself. Is it because my ideals and practices are out of the norm? Isn’t that the point? Not to fit in? To be unique, to stand out and be a leader through magnetism and not to follow what everyone accepts as normal? Normal is not normal. I can see how I could live a “normal” life. I wake up, eat, pray or meditate, and laugh. I exercise and I get lazy, I have my irritated days, I need love and affection too. I treat people with respect and give back whenever possible. But once someone becomes aware of my interests, my beliefs, my expressions, my rules for life (To live in the moment and love every minute of it. Simple!), my free spirited, information seeking, knowledge acquiring, andButterfly-Quotes-86 wisdom rich way of life, it becomes a problem. Eyes widen, noses turn up, and voice tones changes from the friendly “okay” to the skeptical and confused “oh”. I feel isolated, judged, and shunned by those I trust and love. It’s a hard concept to grasp and I am beginning to understand.

See, if I’m not making waves then I’m not being proactive; I’m not changing and I’m stagnate, something I do not want. Because change is what makes the world go ’round. Change creates new and exciting experiences. Change is what pushes us to break cycles. Leaders are constantly changing, or evolving, to accommodate reality as it manifests. I’m not leading if I’m following the rules of another. Yes, others’ experiences and perspectives are vital in understanding our connection as spiritual human beings and understanding situations we may have no knowledge to help us effectively address. No, I don’t have to take their account on life as a way to live mine. I’m living through my soul by just being and not trying to be like this or that. Because in life you don’t have to try to be, you JUST BE! Be you, love what you love and be excited about it. Have preferences or don’t. Express yourself however you want, if it FEELS right with you then it’s you. And what feels better than to know that your words, actions, and expressions are AUTHENTIC.but-she-had-wings549075_420360604775670_405159538_n

Those that judge are unhappy with themselves and it is not my job to fixate on it or fix it. Disapproval in others is an indication of self disapproval. Evaluate, analyze, reflect, THINK FOR YOURSELF, and find out why there are negative feelings towards other people. What about that person bothers you? More than likely it is something that needs attention within yourself. In the end everything in our reality is a mirror. If we can learn from our surroundings, experiences, and encounters, we can learn more about ourselves. With more self knowledge comes understanding of life which results in clarity; PEACE OF MIND AND HAPPINESS.



We all should be the cause of a butterfly effect.


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