Music: The Savior of Mankind


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”-Plato

“Music is life”, a saying that I’ve heard many times and believe it to be true. Imagine turning on your jam and feeling the room fill with love and comfort. It’s amazing how something can create an environment of pleasure and euphoria just by a clicking a triangle.

Music is euphoric. The vibration from the sounds are sent through our bodies creating enhanced moods and feelings of happiness.

quote-it-is-music-and-dancing-that-make-me-at-peace-with-the-world-nelson-mandela-51-25-78Our favorite songs will get our minds focused and relaxed at the same time. Changing our attention to the instruments, beats, and lyrics, can be a relief from a stressful situation, such as a break up or a long day of work. When that special tune is played it seeps through the body making our heads nod and our hips flow, side to side, back and forth. It almost instantly puts a smile on my face, bringing me to feel warm and positive.

music artMusic is like art or any other creative outlet as it is an expression of our souls. When we create from our hearts, with passion, we are connecting with our true selves, the soul. Our true essence illuminates through our works. Its beautiful to feel the joy and pain of the artists we listen to. We connect in a special way and receive the energy of the song and its motives.

Music is enlightening. It most definitely can teach, preach, inspire, and activate the soul. The tones and frequencies put the mind and body into a tender state for receiving information and knowledge.

This could be about ourselves or a specific cause, and mostly, about relationships of all sorts. The lyrics above show how music can spread light on specific issues and get the listener to think outside the box.

Music can bring a room full of people together, in harmony, creating oneness and a sense of community. Just look at Rihanna and Beyonce, who have millions of fans that feel connected to them. So much so that a term was created for their fan base: RihNavy and BeyHive. Music is played at gatherings of all sorts, setting the tone and mood, bringing positive vibes and good energy to an event or establishment. bobBob Marley is famous for this such dynamic. He was good at making feel good music that got people to think about society, bringing all minds to focus on a good deed and cause. Collective consciousness is powerful. Those artist that can bring about change just by releasing an album are depictions of the power of music. For this reason, I love attending concerts and festivals. The energy is very high and mostly positive. It gives opportunities to reach out and network with people, learn new things, and enjoy the connection we have with all that is.

Our strong desire for human connection shows through the music. It explains a special dynamic between listener and composer. We trust in the music and the artist as if we’ve known them for many years. The music and artist Jhené_Aiko_2015we love the most will especially impact how the music will affect us. I have a special connection to the artists that I can personally relate to.
I love Jhene Aiko all the time where as I love Kanye West,  other eclectic rappers specifically when I want to hear more upbeat and uncut lyricist.  Music is another way of connecting to ourselves.

“I been through some shit man, But I be on my shit man, I decided that what you give is what you’re given, So I been tryna do it right, I been doing like, Whatever gets me through the night” – Stay Ready/What a Life/Jhene Aiko

nopainMusic is my pleasure while being my therapy. Because life is one big therapy session. And really, one session of listening or creating music can create a days worth of therapy. It brings the soul in alignment and into perspective. It can also be a form of meditation and is used in some meditative practices. While loving where the music takes my mind and body, my soul is being healed. It helps in realizing who I really am; what makes me feel deeply and why. Through music I am able to reflect on situations and learn from them. It is a way to release the pain and transmute it, through music and body movements, to more pleasurable feelings such as joy.

“Change is inevitable. Why hold on to what you have to let go off?”-Spotless Mind/Jhene Aiko.

Why do we turn to music when we want to get away from our realities? It soothes us and supporting us, keeping us in line and in perspective. Music as my therapist, I feel like I have a best friend that ALWAYS understands and can relate. Just by listening I feel I’ve been venting to someone that won’t judge and will just GET IT. Ear to ear, eye to eye, soul to soul.

Music is life. Literally, it is alive. It carries energy that is transferred to the listener and activates the soul. Music will always be a part of my life, whether it’s invited or not. As it should be for everyone. music is life


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