The Divine Feminine, Part 2

-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-female-statue-on-railing-4000x6000_44094“Every woman is a unique expression of the divine feminine.” –Teal Swan

This blog originates from a spiritual awareness of the energies within us and this world that create balance. For ultimate well-being, our social, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves should be in balance with each other. As mentioned in The Divine Feminine Part 1, balance between the female and male should be priority. The divine feminine is the female part of the whole in which we consider life. We cannot deny how sacred and significant a woman is to society. Actually, we wouldn’t even have a society if the woman were not present.

Women are lifelines to humankind

  • We have the ability to carry and birth life, sharing our bodies with our unborn, and being the only provider of natural nourishment and bonding to the newborn once it is born
  • We possess the womb, the portal from the spiritual to physical realm, we pass through the souls of our children

-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-burma-mother-3872x2592_23294According to Teal Swan, a spiritual teacher found on YouTube, “divine feminine energy represents these aspects within the universe: Restoration, life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection, harmony and sensuality.”

We must heal all aspects that kept us astray from connecting with who we are as women. We are taught to be women by our parents, our peers, men, the media, and just about everything influential in our lives. This is why we have so many beautiful girls and women with low self esteem because they feel as if they need to fit into the constructs created by everyone, which as we can see by how women are treated, is not healthy or conducive to our true nature and essence. It is our responsibility to connect to our true femininity and what we naturally gravitate to, without resistance.

As I pushed my way through life from childhood to adulthood, identifying with the traumas I experienced, a gap was created between my true self or soul and the person who I identified with, which was a compilation of what I thought I should embody according to outside influences.

Celebrating life - A woman raises her arms at sunset on a desert

At one point, my mind started to function like a time machine, recalling any and all accounts of myself as a young girl. As children, we were full of innocence and passion; what our interests were as children could shed light on our true passions and identity. For me, because I was one of the boys, growing up with two brothers, I identified with the male aspects. I was rougher and stronger than most girls, liking sports and being adventurous, preferring male friends, and not necessarily caring about my up keep, something a girl should be in tuned with. Because I was the only girl in a home where the other female, my mother, was addicted to drugs and could not necessarily provide the girly girl experience, I was stuck with learning on my own, from my brothers, and from peers. I became out of touch with femininity in its truest form.

I went to school and worked hard for degrees in psychology and social work, which now I realize to be by products of the familiarity of the fields due to my upbringing. This was not my true passion and interest. I was not living my life according to ME. I was depressed and I didn’t even know it. The condition of the work was also bringing my energy down. I knew that had to change when my work situation and a realization of perceived happiness caused me to have a nervous breakdown. I was out of balance and I needed to get back in touch with myself.photo_14893_20091012

In hopes to continue on this journey of keeping a balanced lifestyle, connecting and strengthening the divine feminine within by truly healing, expressing, and being my soul self, The Divine Feminine was created. This is not a blog just for women or feminist, but also for men, and whoever would like to connect to the soul, holistically, and in doing so, making life easier to experience and more fulfilling!

Ask yourself, what truly heats and excites your soul? I love to create and help others to heal while simultaneously healing and loving myself. A balance will be created once love for self and knowledge of self is a top priority. As a woman, the divine feminine qualities help create balance and well-being and in turn contributes to the quest for balance on earth.

Connect with the divine feminine within you!




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