The Divine Feminine, Part 1

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Image Credit: @tony__stacks_newamerica Via instagram

Is God really a woman? Traditionally, when we think of God we think of a strong yet gentle and wise male figure according to almost ALL photo results when performing a google search. But what about the references to Earth as Mother Earth and Mother Nature or the fact that women carry and birth all human life? A woman’s caring and nurturing nature is very much a necessity in this world. The fact that we give life physically should suggest that maybe a woman, or feminine energy, played a significant role in our creation and existence.

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One of the many ways females are portrayed; The uterus having the ability to nurture and create indicaties its power and the power of a woman’s sex organs over a man’s lust and temptation.


Society teaches us that the male is dominant and superior. From the traditional family roles of the man being the provider, to gender roles of men being required to be brawn and females considered to be weak due to our emotional reactions, and to many men oversexualizing the female body and in turn changing the dynamics of femininity, men have been seen and treated as the stronger of the genders.

I grew up with two brothers so that means I grew up with two brothers and a whole lot of family friends who were guys. A whole lot of testosterone and I was a tomboy because of it. I ran wild, hopped fences, played in creeks, was the only girl playing football (developing a tailbone injury as a result) and taking long, unplanned adventures around the city by foot and bike. So much testosterone, I just knew it was not in my nature, but I identified with the boys for a long time. And although I am able to do these things now, I would much rather create, heal, and be sensual. Oh and I’ll also mention smell nice, have all bones intact, and know exactly where I’m located on explorations. :) This is NOT to say that I would rather conform to a specific gender and its created roles. As I grew older and recognized myself separate from my brothers I became more in touch with who I was as a female. I become aware of my femininity.

So, this IS to say, having experienced an extreme of both energies while transitioning from tomboy to girly girl I am now able to balance the two because I know which one drives me, divine feminine energy.

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Image Credit: Ankh, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, CA by Nyaga Chikondi


Polarity is what drives this world. Just look at similar concepts such as Chinese culture’s Yin and Yang, where the opposites represent female and male aspects coming together as one. Ancient Egyptian culture’s symbol or amulet, the Ankh, which was held both by Gods and Goddesses alike, most commonly represents “life” or an afterlife. The Ankh’s structure is said to represent the womb of the woman and the genital of the man, together creating life. A popular story of the Sun dying to let the Moon live explains the relationship between the Sun and Moon, relating to the balance of two energies, female and male.

Two driving forces create life, not just one. We need men just as much as we need females. We both are significant contributors to the circle of life. Although God as a woman would create a really different world than we live in now and a very interesting experience, it is the balance of both female and male energy that makes the world go ’round. God is not a man, solely.

Technically, God cannot be man or woman because God is not of physical form but of spiritual energy, of light and love.

If God embodies both male and female aspects then it is safe to say…#sheisGod and so #heisGod.

Nyaga Chikondi Yin Yang

Keep The Balance



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