Meditate Anytime, All The Time

There’s so many ways to meditate, why aren’t we all living in peace?

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ESP image courtesy of Tom Burke on Flickr

Last night, like many other nights, I tried to meditate and failed horribly. I sat and attempted to relax to last no longer than 3 minutes. I’ve been successful before with meditation but this time was just different. I prepared my area with candles, crystals, and a few other special items making up my ritual area. Breathing deeply in and out, being aware of my body and its sensations; letting all thoughts flow similar to counting sheep at night while trying to fall asleep. The 3 minute mark came and I held on to the last thought, “I can meditate in other ways”.

I once thought of meditation only as sitting in the lotus pose with the legs crossed, spine erect, eyes closed, and humming a hymn of our choice. Although this may be a popular method to mediate it is not the only method. Meditation can be achieved through any means that will distract our minds from our thoughts.

Mediation is a tool used to clear the mind from the clutter of all the thoughts that accumulate through out the day. Have you ever thought about how MUCH we actually think about on a daily?

“What am I going to do today? Wear, eat, go, etc.?  Its really nice outside, where’s my hat? Oh I’ll wear my Kings hat. I cant wait to go to a game at the new arena. OOh I want beer and pizza. Its so expensive. I need a promotion.” and so on, all in a few seconds time span……

mind fulHaving a cluttered mind causes an inability to focus and stay aware or be mindful. When were not aware of our thoughts, surroundings, and just our existence, in that moment, we start to  get distracted by life’s obstacles and dwell ourselves in negative thinking. Thoughts effect everything and our minds are powerful! These streams of information, mostly our opinions, effect our realities and our moods. It would be wise to be aware of what we are creating for ourselves to experience.

Meditate by way of any preferred method. The most important thing to remember is to be AWARE and conscious. As long as the mind is focused on the action of the moment, (I’m drinking my smoothie and its cold going down), and not the thoughts and hopes from the past and future, (Why did I say that? Next time I will say it like this), the method will provide benefits. Being conscious helps to feel peaceful and in control while increasing overall feelings of happiness.

Meditate Anytime, All The Time

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Lift Yr Skinny Toes Like Antennas To Heaven By Rick on Flickr

Cleaning…. I’d like to think cleaning a way of meditation. As long as I have music playing I can enjoy it as meditation and not despise it as a chore.

Exercising…. This should be a method for everyone who is capable of walking. There are so many positive benefits from exercising to begin with such as a decrease in risk for many diseases, improved moods and mental health, and overall well being, meditation will only maximize those benefits. One example is Yoga as it’s poses are meant to img_2640create mindfulness.

Creating…. I love being creative. It gives me an escape from the systematic world and helps my mind to dive into my own world, becoming closer to myself. Knowing who we are is very important in knowing which thoughts are relevant enough to address and hold on to.

Music…. My favoritimg_2814e method. Music does something to my mind, body, and soul that I can only explain through my scratchy vocals and swaying hips. It gets into
me and I feel its rhythms and vibrations and it feels so good. Music for me is therapy especially when I can personally relate.

Simply be mindful!

At times the lotus pose may be helpful in praying or when dedicating the meditation to a specific practice such as working on individual chakras (where energy in the body gathers). Most daily meditations can be achieved through simpler methods.

Take a walk, notice your breath, how your body feels, the passing vehicles, nature, be aware of everything.

And reap the benefits of meditation.



One thought on “Meditate Anytime, All The Time

  1. I know I like the morning when I naturally wake up and can bask in the morning sun before it gets too hot. The serenity I feel with the sunlight coming through the window and the peacefulness before it gets too busy with everyone moving around gives me time to reflect and gather myself totally. If you see me cranky it is because I haven’t been able to find the time. I like when you say that you can meditate anytime by just being mindful and aware of your presence. I will try that. I can see how it can reduce some stress in the middle of the day.

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