Grounding To Relieve Stress

seqouia-national-forest-Humans were created with the planet. Staying connected to the earth to stay charged will help restore and maintain balance!

We are energy bodies with electrical currents flowing through us; Same goes for the earth. The currents we receive from daily conveniences such as wifi, cellular devices, and electrical appliances, flood our system with currents not in rhythm with our bodies biological rhythms. By connecting to the earth via touching and feeling, we are receiving direct energy that will balance our charges, increasing our moods and our knowledge of self increasing our feelings of connection to all things. This is why we flock to those who are close to us or feel passionate about our hobbies, career, partners, or our faith. Feelings of connection can provide overall happiness.

Stress is programmed into me, and as I am writing this I am realizing I might be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to my upbringings. No matter how much I try to change my thoughts about a situation, I get caught up in the feelings and the emotions. I let it overcome me at times. I am currently dealing with work related stressors that are causing me to analyze important decisions and this is challenging for me. I am debating quitting my government job. Who does that? Because where I’m from, I’m ahead in life; Stable, good pay, good benefits, and Union protected, some people would think I was a fool to quit or to even be stressing over the thought. But as I mentioned earlier, I may be experiencing PTSD symptoms so when I think of anything that jeopardizes my security or stability, I freak out! If a job, person, situation, causes so much stress and anxiety, it has to be reevaluated. I want to live through my heart and be led by my soul. But I am resisting by stressing out, by living in the past or future and not in the moment.


And stress is a killer. I’ve learned that we are resisting change when we dwell on the past or on what cannot be changed. This is a reminder telling myself that I am holding back from growing and relieving unnecessary stress. I had a few panic attacks, I isolated myself, I spoke to people in tones that were not loving, my body and mind went through pain, I was having a breakdown, and I felt low. I finally got fed up of the pain of not being in control. I finally came to realize that I have the power.  The power to control my reality, to control my emotions, and the thoughts going through my mind. This power comes from within when we connect with the universe and with ourselves. Going outside and basking myself in the still, serene, innocence of nature helps to calm the chaos by releasing tension and clearing my mind. The earth is filled with charges that help balance us. This balance creates many holistic benefits…. 

  • Stress relief
  • Improves digestion, sleep, immune function
  • Encourages rapid healing
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Aids in meditation by calming the mind


Use Natural Resources To Find Balance


The planet is an infinite resource that is meant to provide information and healing through direct and indirect connections. Grounding ourselves was not supposed to be a task that we add to our to do lists. It is in our biology, before man introduced the many inventions and industrial ways of living, we utilized our resources wisely and in alignment with nature’s plan.

-touch, feel, walk, sit, lay on the grass

-submerge body in water


-touch, hug, talk to a tree

-surround yourself in nature


Grounding is essential to balancing our energies. When we are balanced we can focus on improving ourselves and in turn contribute to humanity, and the journey back to God.


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