Healing Crystals


Pyrite (Fools Gold)- used for protection, mental clarity, energy and vitality.

Crystals are beautiful specimens that have been used for power and beauty for many years. Dating back to 3,500 BC ancient Egyptians used crystals in amulets and as talismans for protection and for their healing powers. Crystals were also used in ancient China in instruments, armor, and masks; specifically Jade for good luck. Aztec and Mayan cultures used turquoise for overall health and healing. Turquoise is also popular among Native American culture as being a sacred precious stone.

Just as the trees and waters of the earth hold special energy that is felt in the calming and grounding of our mind and body, crystals hold the life force energy of the earth and can emit this energy back to us. Crystals help to increase our energy vibrations. Imagine the feelings you get when your in an environment that is frightening and unsafe compared to being at the beach, under the warm sun, listening to and watching the waves pass. This is the difference in negative and positive energy vibrations. Crystals will work with your personal energy field to increase your energy vibration to a more positive one.

The healing is in the chemical make up of the crystal. For example,  Hematite’s make up is represented as Fe2O3 or iron oxide. Iron helps to oxidate the blood and maintain healthy red blood cells. Hematite is used to treat iron related blood ailments such as anemia. Depending on the type of crystal the energy can be used for grounding, enhancing love, providing good luck, clearing the mind, reducing stress, increasing psychic powers or clairvoyance and intuition, relieving pain from ailments, and many other uses and benefits.

The cochakras-310119__340lors of the crystals can determine the benefits and uses of each crystal. It works as color therapy, the idea that each color holds a different vibrational frequency. The colors associate with the seven Chakras and can benefit the areas in which the color relates to. Chakras are centers located in the body that manage energy flow from inside and outside sources.
Root/Red-our foundation, grounding, survival
Sacral/Orange- our connection to others, pleasure, sexuality
Solar Plexus/Yellow- self worth, self esteem, self confidence
Heart/Green-ability to love, joy, inner peace
Throat/Blue-communication, self expression of feelings and truth
Brow (Third Eye)/Indigo-intuition, imagination, wisdom
Crown/Violet-spiritual connection, inner/outer body

Ever wonder why a blue wall seems calming and energizing and a red wall calls for passion and excitement? Our eyes absorb the light frequency of every color we look at and the light triggers a feeling. Every cell in our body needs light energy to function. Given the color the energy can be used accordingly.

Crystals have a natural aesthetic that makes them a joy to admire. With the variety of colors and sizes available they can be worn as jewelry or used as decoration in the home or office. As they are entertainment to the eye they also provide feel good essence to the soul.


Crystal Necklaces at The Funky Mystic Shop 

I carry crystals with me everywhere! I have necklaces, bracelets, and little pieces in my pockets, wallet, bags, bra, car..just about everywhere! They make me feel supported as if they were little friends tagging along. And they are just that, FRIENDS! Because they are from the earth and have energy fields, it is safe to believe that they too have consciousness. Every living entity has consciousness. And so crystals are not only healing on an energetic and aesthetic level, but also on a socio-emotional level, that is if your okay with calling a rock your friend and if you’ve ever had imaginary friends before (me!) then its nothing new.

And for the skeptics, crystals can also be used as placebos and research studies have proven the placebo effect to be true and accurate!

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of the crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” -Nikola Tesla


Eason, C. (2003). The illustrated directory of healing Crystals: a comprehensive guide to 150 crystals and gemstones. London, W14 0RA: Collins & Brown.


Healing Tools//Mantras

My Mantras

“I love to live free”

“I am unconditionally loved”

“I am strong”

“Money is not evil, it is a delight” 

“Abundance is inevitable”

“I am debt free”

A mantra is an instrument of the mind. It is used to facilitate change and growth. Continue reading

Grounding To Relieve Stress

seqouia-national-forest-Humans were created with the planet. Staying connected to the earth to stay charged will help restore and maintain balance!

We are energy bodies with electrical currents flowing through us; Same goes for the earth. The currents we receive from daily conveniences such as wifi, cellular devices, and electrical appliances, flood our system with currents not in rhythm with our bodies biological rhythms. By connecting to the earth via touching and feeling, we are receiving direct energy that will balance our charges, increasing our moods and our knowledge of self increasing our feelings of connection to all things. Continue reading