And So The Journey Begins…

“Life is nothing if it is not lived.”

Life is abundant. But not everyone knows or believes it. We live in a world filled with hate, deception, sorrow, and for what? Because we perceive our lives as incomplete without the likes of money, love, or status? We have lost our true essence in this material, physical realm called the world. But how are we to find it if we are asleep, walking about like zombies, not receiving the messages from the universe telling us to WAKE UP!

My journey began in December 2014. It was during a time of despair and confusion. I was leaving a long term relationship with the father of my children. My soul felt restricted and caged in. Normal daily tasks were difficult due to the criticism that would follow. Energy built up as I could not flow with my own force without it being intercepted by someone else’s. Negative energy leached onto my pure love and sucked it dry. Maybe a little dramatic, I know, I tend to be passionate which explains my feelings. I just didn’t feel one with myself. This incongruence triggered exploration of who I was separate from my children and relationships. And so I spent a lot of time with myself doing things I never thought I had time to do. I began to read more, listen to music, create things, exercise, be more conscious of what I ate, and overall becoming happier. Being alone was like getting to know someone that you’re really interested in. You’ll want to spend more and more time with that person. I believe that as a blessing when that person is yourself. And that gave me confidence and the drive to learn more and to express more. The current place on my path allows for exploration of creativity; becoming more in tuned with my passions and letting the creative energy flow no matter the medium. Knowledge of self, life, the universe, and our true history are topics that are sought out through books, videos, articles, music, experiences, and anything that will bring the mind closer to the heart, closer to God and closer to peace.

Divine Feminine is a piece of my journey. My experiences, my expressions, my intentions, are all pieces to my journey. Maybe it will be seen or heard of or maybe not, but it will be sent into the universe to create a beautiful reality.

 April 16, 2016-FRESH START

The previous post was written in January 2016 when I first started this blog. I have changed drastically since then. So much change so fast put a strain on my mind, body, and soul. Old patterns and constructs had to be torn down in order for me to learn, grow, and move forth. I feel fresh now as I am open to receiving everything as a message. Blogging in hopes to learn and empower myself as well as others and to increase the Feminine energy that is in need of balance within myself and the universe.



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